Tuesday, May 12, 2015

My 20- Time Project Reflection

Overall, I think 20-Time is a really unique, and beneficial project. What I really enjoy about 20-Time is that it allows students to learn in an non traditional way, and think outside the square. However, I strongly dislike 20-time for the same reason I enjoy it; the student have too much freedom in their project. When we were assigned this project at the beginning of the year I was stoked. I've always wanted to do standup, and I thought it would be a good idea to do standup for my project. Unfortunately I haven't done any standup this year. The thing is, I wrote tons of material this year, but I could have done that any time, regardless of if I was assigned this project or not. I really wish that we would have had more direction with our project, because you need help. (Peer help, teacher help) to really succeed. I feel as though my 20-time project was a waste of time, because in class I just spent writing blogs about my project, instead of actually going and doing it. I think that we should have had one Friday a month to dicuss our 20-time project to the class, show progress, and ask for feedback from our peers. I think that 20-time should be more of a calabrative project, in order for students to be more sucessive. I really enjoy the idea of 20-time, and I think more teachers should do it, but I 20-time needs to be a lot more structured.

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