Sunday, February 22, 2015

Funny Things Happen Everywhere!

These last two weeks have done me very well in terms of my project. I have shared some of my material with friends and family, and I got some feedback from my mentor. My grandmother is my mentor, who used to be a standup comedic back in the day. She helped me a lot, and gave me many pointers on how to perform. Also, I spent the past week in Aspen, CO, where quite a few funny things happened! From funny waiters, to duck tape incidents, I now have some more inspiration, for new material, as well as some funny stories. Yesterday I began to talk out some of these funny events, and see where it got me. I record all of my material, so I can see if its actually funny when spoken, and so I can practice telling the jokes. Recording my material is nice too, because I can easily send it to others to receive speedy feedback. Now that I've got some pretty funny material, I'm feeling very excited about my project, and I'm anxious to start performing!

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