Sunday, January 11, 2015

I think I came up with a funny joke!!!!!!

I've been working on writing stand up material. I was watching Louis C.K.'s standup special on Netflix and I got a few ideas from him. He was talking about eating after your full. I felt that this was extremely relatable, and I've DEFINITELY done that a time two. So I put my recorder app on, and I started talking through the joke. I thought about times where I felt sick from eating food, and I continued to eat. Although it was a funny concept, none of my experiences were laugh out loud funny. So I tossed a few scenarios around and I came up with some funny stuff. I'm really happy with this new joke because I think it's a really funny joke that will appeal to a lot of people. Now that I have some funny material, I have to figure out how to deliver my jokes. I've been watching a lot of standup and I've took careful note of different comics style. For example Aziz Ansari delivers his jokes in a very energetic way, he moves around the stage a lot, and he pantomimes in his jokes as well. Although it is small details, it really can make a joke funnier. Another, more apparent example of style is Bo Burnahm's style. Bo has a very theater-ish way of doing standup. He performs most of his material singing and playing the piano. I think my style will be pretty laid back, but I will definitely be energetic. Also, I make a lot of funny facial expressions, so I think I will use a lot of that. For example, in my snapchat bit I was telling you guys earlier, I talk abut double chins and goofy faces, so I will do funny facial expressions to make the joke more humerus. I'm really excited to be writing jokes!

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