Tuesday, May 12, 2015

My 20- Time Project Reflection

Overall, I think 20-Time is a really unique, and beneficial project. What I really enjoy about 20-Time is that it allows students to learn in an non traditional way, and think outside the square. However, I strongly dislike 20-time for the same reason I enjoy it; the student have too much freedom in their project. When we were assigned this project at the beginning of the year I was stoked. I've always wanted to do standup, and I thought it would be a good idea to do standup for my project. Unfortunately I haven't done any standup this year. The thing is, I wrote tons of material this year, but I could have done that any time, regardless of if I was assigned this project or not. I really wish that we would have had more direction with our project, because you need help. (Peer help, teacher help) to really succeed. I feel as though my 20-time project was a waste of time, because in class I just spent writing blogs about my project, instead of actually going and doing it. I think that we should have had one Friday a month to dicuss our 20-time project to the class, show progress, and ask for feedback from our peers. I think that 20-time should be more of a calabrative project, in order for students to be more sucessive. I really enjoy the idea of 20-time, and I think more teachers should do it, but I 20-time needs to be a lot more structured.

Friday, March 20, 2015


My project is doing really good!! I've been talking to my mentor a lot (my grandma). She used to be a standup comedian about 35 years ago, so she has a lot of tips for me. I showed her some of my material, and she gave me a lot of good feedback!! My grandma's one of the funniest people I know, so I was overjoyed when she enjoyed my stuff! She also gave me advice on how to write new stuff, and how to perform. Talking to my grandma made me so much more excited about my project. Now I need to find a place to perform and get as much practice as I can!! Farthewell!!!!

Sunday, March 8, 2015

Just A Little Update

My project is rockin'!! I am so thrilled with all of the material I've come up with! It's actually been really fun to write comedy! It was really discurageing  at first, because I wrote A LOT of  bad stuff. Now that I've got it down, it's awesome!! I'm really itching to perform my bits. The performing part scares me for mutliple reasons. I'm terrified of not being funny, or messing up my material. What if I forgot all my material when I got on stage?? Or what if I said it wrong?! Another set back is that I don't even know where I would perform. I don't know of any open mic nights, or anytype of ameatur performing places nearby. Once I figure out these setbacks, then I'll be ready to perform! I couldn't be more excited about the idea of sharing my comedy with other people.

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Funny Things Happen Everywhere!

These last two weeks have done me very well in terms of my project. I have shared some of my material with friends and family, and I got some feedback from my mentor. My grandmother is my mentor, who used to be a standup comedic back in the day. She helped me a lot, and gave me many pointers on how to perform. Also, I spent the past week in Aspen, CO, where quite a few funny things happened! From funny waiters, to duck tape incidents, I now have some more inspiration, for new material, as well as some funny stories. Yesterday I began to talk out some of these funny events, and see where it got me. I record all of my material, so I can see if its actually funny when spoken, and so I can practice telling the jokes. Recording my material is nice too, because I can easily send it to others to receive speedy feedback. Now that I've got some pretty funny material, I'm feeling very excited about my project, and I'm anxious to start performing!

Saturday, February 7, 2015

Project Still Going Strong!

In January, I wrote a lot of new material, and really started to think about performing. However, this past two weeks, I haven't worked on my project that much due to lack of time. Since I have a fair amount of somewhat funny material, I've started thinking a lot about performing. I've gotten a lot of advice to practice jokes as much as you can, but I'm really not sure where! I don't really know of any comedy clubs, or open mic nights anywhere near me, so I've felt that I've hit a roadblock. I'm sure there is somewhere around here where I can perform, but it's gonna take some looking into! I need to start performing some of my material so that I can tweak them, and figure out what works and what doesn't. I'm really excited to begin to performing, but I'm also really nervous. It would be so awful if I bombed!

Sunday, January 25, 2015


I just got back from Aziz Ansari's standup show, and it was really funny!! I took special note of how he delievers his jokes, and his material in general. His opening act, was super funny... I can't remember his name, all I know is that he's a writer on one of my favorite shows Parks & Recreation. Anyways, I thought this guy's delivery for his jokes was nice. He was super casual and laid back, which I really enjoyed, and I thought it worked well for him. Just the way he slowly would walk about the stage, and the way he phrased his jokes showed he was confident in himself, and it appreaed as if he was talking to one of his friends. Aziz's style however, was a little different. Much like his opening act, Aziz did seem as if he was chatting with a friend, but Aziz was much more energetic and livley on stage. Aziz does this really funny thing where he acts out parts of his stories, and especially tonight, he would walk around the entire stage, so it made his stories come to life. Aziz also changes his tone of voice, and volume of voice depending on the point in the story. I've really been thinking about my personal standup style, and what it should be like. I haven't really done any standup- type shows in a long time, so I'm not really sure what my style will be like. I think I want to keep my style similiar to Aziz's opening act, I really enjoyed his casual delivery of his material, and I think it would fit well with my jokes. Also, I've been writting a lot of jokes recently, and I have a handful of them that I think are pretty funny. Hopefully I can write some more soon, and perfect I have the ones I have. Once I get some solid material, I need to start performing. I'm really nervous for performing, because there is nothing worse than not being funny. This fear is why I'm spending so much time writting material, because I want the audience to be fully engaged, and hopefully, think I'm funny. Let's hope I can come up with some more funny things, and be performing in the near future!

Sunday, January 11, 2015

I think I came up with a funny joke!!!!!!

I've been working on writing stand up material. I was watching Louis C.K.'s standup special on Netflix and I got a few ideas from him. He was talking about eating after your full. I felt that this was extremely relatable, and I've DEFINITELY done that a time two. So I put my recorder app on, and I started talking through the joke. I thought about times where I felt sick from eating food, and I continued to eat. Although it was a funny concept, none of my experiences were laugh out loud funny. So I tossed a few scenarios around and I came up with some funny stuff. I'm really happy with this new joke because I think it's a really funny joke that will appeal to a lot of people. Now that I have some funny material, I have to figure out how to deliver my jokes. I've been watching a lot of standup and I've took careful note of different comics style. For example Aziz Ansari delivers his jokes in a very energetic way, he moves around the stage a lot, and he pantomimes in his jokes as well. Although it is small details, it really can make a joke funnier. Another, more apparent example of style is Bo Burnahm's style. Bo has a very theater-ish way of doing standup. He performs most of his material singing and playing the piano. I think my style will be pretty laid back, but I will definitely be energetic. Also, I make a lot of funny facial expressions, so I think I will use a lot of that. For example, in my snapchat bit I was telling you guys earlier, I talk abut double chins and goofy faces, so I will do funny facial expressions to make the joke more humerus. I'm really excited to be writing jokes!