Friday, December 5, 2014

Finding Inspiration Everywhere

I'm still looking for inspiration, and funny ideas in my everyday life. A lot of funny things happen to me, so it's crucial that I make note of any humorous events or ideas. The writing process has been going good, but writing funny material is more difficult then I thought! I find myself excited over a really funny idea, but then when I go to expound upon it, the idea turns out to boring and not funny. I'm extremely nervous about not being funny when it comes time to do my standup. There is nothing more annoying then somebody who desperately tries to be funny, and fails miserably. Think about it, we all know a person who tells "funny" stories and you just sit their smiling pretending like its funny. The worst is when you laugh at the wrong part, when their like, "and then my grandpa died" and you start bursting out laughing. (Was that funny?? I think it was!) Anyways, the point is I want people to effortlessly think I'm funny. I want people to laugh so hard that they forget about their problems, and that their face hurts from smiling. I have a big goal, but I know if I spend a lot of time working on my material, and I believe in myself, then I can accomplish my goal.


  1. I love your idea! There aren't any extremely funny people at the school I go to, but I wish someone at my school would take on this idea. I also definitely know what you mean about laughing at the wrong part of the joke and I love how you pointed out that the point of your project is to benefit others by making them forget there problems and just smile. You seem motivated and I believe you will accomplish your goal! -- Kara