Friday, November 21, 2014

Another Update!

I've started to write a few jokes! I've found the way I come up with jokes very bizarre. One of my jokes, is a real event that happened last year. I have this really hilarious story about getting kicked out of DisneyWorld, and I've told the story so many times, that without knowing, I have actually created a perfectly worded joke for my stand up show! Two weeks ago, I came up with a really funny idea simply by sitting on my phone and snapchatting my friends. I was making a double-chin face to send to my friend, when I realized that it was actually a really funny scenario, that I could totally make a joke about! For me, I think my jokes are funniest when I say them out loud, as if I was talking to a friend, so I started talking about snapchat into my recording app on my phone, made a few tweaks, and then did it again! It was that easy! One of my biggest fears about writing stand up, is that when I perform it, my material would sound awkward, or too rehearsed. I'm trying to prevent that by using real situations that have actually happened to me. Also, like I said before, writing my stand up in a format of a casual talk with a friend will hopefully make it more fluent, and less awkward. Even though I have wrote two good jokes so far, I must say, I've also wrote some pretty brutal ones as well! I was at the grocery store the other day, and some lady was blocking the whole canned food section trying to select corn. At the time, I thought this was hilarious, so I put the idea in my Notes app on my phone. When I got home I went to write material for the "hilarious" event that had occurred try to explain it to someone, it really wasn't all that funny. It was actually more depressing that a lady could take THAT long to select corn! So I sat down, started writing down funny things about the lady, taking careful note of how she dressed, how she talked, basically any detail I could think of I wrote down, then I went to talk about the lady out loud, and mid story I realized, "Yeah, this is really dumb!" So I just laughed at it, and now I know, some moments, are "you had to be there moments" and I decided to leave it at that.

Friday, November 14, 2014

Update: My 20 Time Blog

         My project has going pretty good so far! I have been spending a lot of time writing standup material, and watching videos of my favorite comedians to get inspired. This past week I have been watching my favorite comedian, Aziz Ansari's standup specials. Yesterday, I had the opportunity to get in contact with Aziz, I am hoping that he may be able to help me write my material, or at least read it to give me feedback. I was on Twitter last night, and I saw that Aziz posted a link to a reddit forum where he was asking people questions for his new book. I decided to let Aziz know about my project on the forum, and I am hoping that I get a response from him. Also, I have been working on writing my standup, and that is going pretty well! I've been taking note of funny things that have happen in my daily life, and anything else that pops in my mind. I find it a lot easier to write my material, when it already have notes and ideas. I wrote and recorded my first piece of material, it is a two minute joke about snap chatting. I've showed it to a few friends and they think it's really funny! I'm very excited to continue working on my standup, and I hope all goes well!