Friday, October 24, 2014

The Importance of Comedy

Everyday, I tackle a lot of hardships in my life. In high school, everyone is extremely stressed out, and only focuses on themselves. Many people I come across are unfriendly. I find this extremely disturbing. I believe that it is so important to communicate with others, and in an ever stressful, and sometimes depressing world, laughter can connect us all.  Everyday, I come to school with a smile on my face. I connect with people by a simple joke. Even though telling jokes, or doing silly things might not make everyone's problems go away, it will at least help them to forget their problems. If I can help people to forget their problems, for even just a second, then I have done my job. Comedy speaks to me in a way that nothing else can. When I'm having a bad day and nothing seems to go right, having a laugh keeps me from crying. I've loved to make people laugh ever since I was a little kid, and my biggest dream in life is to make every single person on this planet smile. For my twenty time project, I want to do a standup comedy show for my family, friends, and fellow members of the community. By doing this, I hope to teach people the importance of laughter and comedy, and simply live out a dream of mine.